Document Formatting Services

Why invest time and money into documents and corporate image when your documents let your brand down.

Are your documents, forms, procedures, and templates not looking as professional as they should be? Are you simply too busy with other work and lacking the time and resources to update and add that finishing touch to your documents? Or is that document you are working on just sending you into a pit of frustration?

Jade Support Services have the resources, dedication, and expertise to give you that professional image.

Who we are:

Jade Support Services offer a range of formatting services, including fixing up existing word documents, generating new templates and creating fillable forms (with drop boxes, checkmarks, repeating information, etc.).

In general, we prefer to re-create documents from scratch, ensuring everything is set up correctly and not inheriting any bugs/troubles from the original document – don’t worry, this is what we do, so we are super quick at it.

Microsoft Word document formatting is our speciality, but we can also help out with Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations.

We can assist with:

  • Consistent look and feel throughout. We review your documents to ensure that all fonts, margins, indentations, and other formatting elements are used consistently.
  • Application of style and brand guidelines. We’ll apply our extensive knowledge of document styles to your specific situation. Alternatively, if you don’t have a style guide, we will consult with you to develop the look and feel for the documents that you want to create.
  • Setting up of customised Styles: JSS can set up within your document Styles, this means when you need to add more text, you just click on the applicable style, and the new text will format into line with the rest of the text/document. Styles have set Font Type, Size, Colour, and other properties such as Bold, Italics, Spacing and whether the text is Left Aligned or Justified.
  • Conversion of PDF files to Word or Excel (and vice-versa).
  • Adding a finishing touch and “wow” factor.
  • A revamp of documents that have been copied too many times or are outdated in style or wording.
  • Setting up of templates adhering to company branding/style guides, don’t have a style guide? No problem, happy to help set one up or work together to set up a style/format you like.
  • Setting up of working and formatted well Table of Contents (TOCs), Table of Figures, and List of Tables.
  • Set up a suite of documents/templates (report template, letterhead, user guide, etc.) so that all documents have the same style and feel.
  • Typing and data entry.
  • Excel spreadsheets.

We also offer this awesome service we call ‘The Read Through Service’:

Jade Support Services has found that reading through their client’s documents to be of tremendous help to them, having that extra set of ‘fresh eyes’ to go over the document to check things like:

  • Checking spelling (making sure it’s Australian spelling, not the sometimes-defaulted American spelling).
  • Consistency in capitalisation.
  • How numerals are written within the text (e.g. seven, not 7 until 11, and then numbers are written in numerals only).
  • Ensuring hyperlinks work and the page is current.
  • Hyphenation (for example, is it e-mail on page 26 but email on page 43).
  • Checks Acts/Regulations etc. that are referred to are current and have not been superseded.
  • Consistency of punctuation (e.g. making sure ‘for example’ is consistently written as ‘e.g.’ and doesn’t swap to ‘eg’. throughout the document, or that lead in sentences to lists all have a semi-colon, or ensuring hyphens shouldn’t be ’em’ or ‘en’ dashes instead, and so much more).
  • Each bullet point (where required) has a full stop, or not.
  • Consistency in the use of abbreviations.

Our process:

  • Prepare

    Remove unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections to clean the text for formatting.

  • Setup

    We will set margins, breaks, columns, headers, footers, orientation and page numbering.

  • Structure

    We will mark up parts, sections, headings and numbering schemes to determine the document’s structure.

  • Styling

    We will add style headings, lists and numbering. Apply title casing, references, terms and definition, footnotes.

  • Branding

    Select fonts, colours, and style with your company logo, and design an appropriate front cover, borders, lines and fills.

  • Headers & Footers

    Create and style headers and footers, and include the document title, version number, date and company details as required.

  • Tables

    Create a consistent set of table styles to clearly present whatever forms of data are included.

  • Images

    We will size, crop, straighten, rotate, reshape or wrap images to work best with the text on each page.

  • Captions

    Number each figure, table, chart, or diagram with the correct label and cross-reference.

  • Footnotes

    We will create a consistently styled set of references that link to numbered occurrences on each page.

  • Table of Contents

    We will generate and style the table of contents, list of figures and list of tables with page numbers as needed.

We offer skills and expertise in creating templates and formatting of:

  • Annual Reports
  • Legal documents
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Tenders
  • Procedures
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Policies
  • Manuals
  • Letters
  • Forms
  • Quotations
  • Letters
  • Strategic Plans
  • Corporate business plans
  • Assignments
  • Thesis
  • Newsletters
  • User Guides
  • Agreements
  • and more…


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Quotations will be provided on an assessment of the document you submit.

Standard rate is at $60 per hour.

You only get one chance to make a first impression,
let Jade Support Services help make it a good one!